In Chinese Medicine preservation of fertility has always been an important focus. According to a study in the British Medical Journal, as many as 1 in 3 women in the next decade may face fertility issues. Fertility for us at Urban Wellness goes beyond hormone levels and body temperatures. We address the whole person, including emotional and physical needs.


At Urban Wellness we consider preservation of a healthy woman’s cycle a priority long before she ever considers whether or not to have a child. Sometimes we can have a slightly cavalier approach to menstrual cycle and fertility – that it will always be there when/if we need it. Or may even consider it a hassle, a bother that gets in the way of our life. A regular and pain free cycle however, is a vital to fertility in Chinese medicine. When women have a regular cycle, hormones are regular and the body is more likely to be ready for another potential life when we choose. Balancing our cycle can in many ways can also balance our emotional life. At Urban Wellness we work with women to consider ways of preserving fertility way before they may need it.


Acupuncture has proven effective in regulating hormones associated with PCOS:



Fertility is related to a key part of our ability to create in general. Feeling ‘fertile’ can mean having the resources in life to expand, grow, reach out, give and receive. Consider pregnancy to be like an extra-curricular activity in the body; if the resources aren’t there our body will conserve energy, and may resist supplying things that it doesn’t feel it has the energy for. At Urban Wellness we focus on rebuilding a woman’s vitality, so she is nourished enough to be ready and receptive to nourish another. We bring back the natural inherent strength; the allowing, relaxing, powerful part of the feminine that is in us all. This applies to women who are seeking to become pregnant.


For those undergoing fertility treatments, acupuncture is an excellent adjunct therapy to increase chance of a successful pregnancy. Recent research includes:

Acupuncture improves clinical pregnancy rates in women who undergo IVF:


Higher ovulation and pregnancy rates for women receiving acupuncture combined with clomiphene:


Acupuncture boost Fertility:



We recommend women continue acupuncture throughout pregnancy to manage symptoms such as:

mood swings
back ache
food sensitivities
digestive disorders — reflux and GERD
hemorrhoids, constipation, etc.
Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatments for these symptoms and can reduce or eliminate the use of medication which may not be desired.


So much focus can go into conceiving pregnancy that many women aren’t ready for what happens after the baby actually arrives. Many times a woman’s resources are depleted in pregnancy or in giving birth and never truly get a chance to recover. We at Urban Wellness concentrate on Post-Birth Health and Rejuvenation – Rebuilding the body’s resources beyond just getting the body back in shape, but helping with some of the pregnancy symptoms that may continue after birth, such as;

Excessive discharge
Breast soreness/ milk flow
Abdominal pain
Healing from episiotomy or Caesarian
As well as:

Emotional Balance – A woman’s hormones post-birth go through a huge adjustment and change. Acupuncture can help with hormonal transitions, as well as psychological shifts to new family dynamics. Even good events can be stressful at times.

Sleep Issues- Adjusting to a new routine and helping to nourish deep and restful sleep. P.S. Great for new dads, too!