Focus related issues in children is a significant concern for many parents and is on the rise for the last few decades due to a number of possible reasons – environmental toxin exposure, nutritional deficiencies, and or increased awareness. The most common therapies in use today combine medical involvement and the use of powerful pharmaceutical ingredients, at times with undesirable side effects.

At Urban Wellness Acupuncture we provide a completely non-drug approach tailored to the unique needs of the individual child. We have developed a deep understanding of these issues and offer effective solutions without the side effects. Children mature at different rates and are all unique and wonderful in their own way.  Society can be very demanding on our little ones, especially to conform or be competitive which requires a high level of focused attention to tasks.

An outstanding book, “Fire Child, Water Child” by Dr. Stephen Cowan is a highly recommended read in describing how children with attention issues are addressed in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We are happy to discuss your child’s individual needs and overall health and wellness. Following are some of the therapies used with children:

  • Acupuncture (child sensitive application or AcuLight for extremely needle phobic children)
  • Diet & Supplemental Recommendations
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Tui Na Massage (Parents coached for home use)
  • Coherent Breathing / Mindful Movement (e.g. Breathing exercises, Qigong, Yoga)
  • BioFeedback Techniques

Some recent studies:

Pediatrics Medical Journal: ‘Acupuncture is Safe for Children':

Urban Wellness on NY1:

Call to discuss our approach and to determine if this is something that my be helpful in your child’s development.